zirconia Zirconia
Chemical symbol:ZrO2

Melting point:2700

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aluminum oxide Aluminum oxide
Chemical symbol: Al2O3
purity: 99.9 %
Melting point:2045℃
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zinc sulfide Zinc sulfide
Chemical symbol: ZnS
purity: 99.99%
Melting point: 1830℃
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  • MHC INDUSTRIAL (CHINA) CO, LTD,specializing in integrating development research and production of the optics coating material, the metal material, the rare earth material and so on, is a comprehensive enterprise.
  • With the experience of producing,management and sales for so many years,our products have sold to the United States,Germany,Japan and South Korea ......
  • Aluminum oxide titanium dioxide mixture Trioxide two gadolinium
    Tin oxide indium oxide mixture Zirconium oxide tantalum oxide mixture
    Zinc oxide aluminum oxide mixture Zirconium oxide aluminum oxide mixture
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